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Resetting "Secure Include" so that I can include a different page
Hi, concerning Perimeter: is there a way to reset the macro when I want to include different content on a page? If I delete the macro...
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Photo of Jeremy Seely
{secure-include} doesn't display images from another space
The macro will not show the images from the source page if it is in another space with different permissions. Instead it displays 'Unknow...
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Photo of m.w
{secure-include} not displaying attachments from other spaces
Hi, Confluence version: 5.7 Perimeter version: 2.1.2 When using {secure-include} to show pages with attachments, the macro displays 'Un...
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New to Perimeter - trying to get it to work
Hi, we just installed Perimeter to help fix (hopefully!) a problem we have been having in our External Confluence space when it is linkin...
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