Learndot Release Notes - Enterprise: 2016.W01

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Share Your Accolades on LinkedIn
We've added the ability to share your accolades (proof of completions and certifications) as a post on LinkedIn.

Users only need to go to their awards page and choose Share on LinkedIn from any of their accolades.

LDE Admins may also configure the option for users to add their accomplishments directly into their certification area of their LinkedIn profile from within LDE.

In System Settings, Admins will have to enable integration.linkedin.share.enabled as well as provide a key from LinkedIn in integration.linkedin.addToProfile.key to authorize LDE to share a post on LinkedIn.

Visit https://addtoprofile.linkedin.com/cert to generate a link and enter the _ed parameter from the generated share URL.

Once it is configured, a user can then either share an accolade as a LinkedIn post or add it to their LinkedIn Profile.

If the user chooses Add to LinkedIn Profile, the user will be taken to LinkedIn and asked for confirmation.

Fill in some extra details...

...and the user's certificates and accolades are on their LinkedIn profile.

An Improved Interface for Courses We've improved the user experience for courses to allow more intuitive interaction and logical progression for learners.

For starters, we've standardized logo placement with the public pages by moving it to the left-hand corner.

 We added a progress bar to visualize the progress of a user in a course.

You can now return to the Course Overview page by clicking on the Course title at the top of the page or on Course Overview in the right-hand corner.

To show learners their progress, each module will now be checked in the list after they are completed.

We've also emphasized the Call-To-Action button at the bottom right for learners to click to confirm they've completed a course.

Save Quotes and View Saved Quotes Users can save quotes for courses they intend to purchase by adding the course to their shopping cart and then clicking the Save as Quote button at the bottom. The quotes will also be emailed to them.

Users can then view those quotes again by going to their Learner's Dashboard > Your Account > Orders/Quotes and then clicking on their Quotes tab.

Once they click the Pay Quote button, they'll directed to their shopping cart where they can proceed with payment.

Logos and Banners for Learning Components We now have the ability to add two separate images for Learning Components: a Logo and a Banner. This new feature allows for better-looking pages on screens with different resolutions.

A logo is displayed in the Tile view and Website view, while banners are displayed in the Card view and on the Learning Component Consumption page.

LDE Admins can also configure these images either globally, or for each type of Learning Component, or for an individual Learning Component.

To customize, go to System Settings > Look and Feel > Logos and Banners.

We recommend a square image with minimum width 100px for the logo, and a landscape image with no text, with a minimum width of 1200px and minimum height of 400px for the banner.

Logo Images

Logo Images (such as the one in the following image):

Will be displayed in the Tile View:

As well as on the Catalog:

Banner Images

Banner Images (such as the one in the following image):

Will be displayed in the Card View:

As well as the Learning Component Consumption Page:

User Identity Verification To prepare for the future release of Custom Catalog Views, LDE admins can now encourage learners to have their identity verified once they are logged in. If configured, a reminder will be sent to them once a week until they have done so.

The user will also see a reminder at the top of the page if configured.

LDE Admins can enable this with rapidtheme.user.email.verification.reminder.enabled in System Settings. Also ensure that the Value parameter in that setting is set to Yes.

Custom Catalog ViewsOur team is making steady progress towards the next strategic feature - Custom Catalog Views. The feature, when ready, will allow LDE administrators to create tailored and personalized catalog page page offerings for select viewers. This release includes 7 tickets for that feature.
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