Learndot Release Notes - Enterprise: 2016.W17

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In this update:

Sign in with DockerHub  Learndot can be configured to allow authentication using Docker ID. This offers a single sign on experience for those learners that have a Docker ID. 

Once configured, Learndot will offer a "Sign in with DockerHub" button as part of the login screen. Learners with a Docker ID can click to login; if they are new to Learndot, they will be automatically created as a contact within Learndot. 

Learndot does not store any Docker IDs or related information during this process. 




Paginated & Configurable Catalog For catalogs that have a large number of items, pagination can offer a more organized and controlled view, in addition to shorter page loading times. Learndot now offers the ability to configure all public-facing pages to be displayed as pages.

Public catalog pages and listings of each type of learning component (exams, eLearning, classes, content, courses) can be set up to be displayed as pages. Additionally, specific knowledge categories can also be configured to be paginated. The administrator can chose the number items to be displayed per page. 

Administrators may choose to only paginate eLearnings, for example, and not courses, based on the volume of available training and desired user experience. 

These settings can be configured directly in the product, and will not affect any custom themes or page customizations that are in place. 




Enabling Revenue Recognition for Training Credits Our team is developing a robust way to report on training that's purchased with Training Credits.

 The main focus of this improvement is representing the currency-based value of an item purchased with Training Credits, so that the currency value can be used in Revenue Recognition reports.

This release includes 6 tickets for that feature; we anticipate delivering the full feature within the next two releases.

Bug Fixes & Improvements This release includes 27 bug fixes, improvements and new features from the previous release

For more detailed release notes, visit this page.
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