Using Text-Filter to filter reports based on page name

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I have multiple page with scaffold reports and it contains a list-data column with content-options listing the page titles of initiatives. On each of the initiative pages will then have a report which I want to filter the results based on the initiative page title.

I have read through quite a few posts and I cant seem to find a solution so would really appreciate any help.

h1. {table-filter:cell-width=150,150|column=Project,Health|datefilter=Due Date|datepattern=yy-mm-dd|default=,,->|id=1466696908317_0|separator=Point (.)}

Here is the List:

{content-options:ancestor=GSA:Alliance Partners|labels=gsap_initiative|limit=99|spaces=GSA}

Here is the Report:


{local-reporter:content:descendants|source=GSA:GSAP Reporting}\\

{report-info:expanded:item > page:title|link=true}{report-column}

{report-column:title=Partner - Initiative}
{report-info:expanded:gsap > data:partner|link=true|render=richtext} *-* {report-info:expanded:gsap > data:initiative|link=true|render=richtext}{report-column}

{report-info:expanded:gsap > data:activity|link=true|render=richtext}{report-column}

{report-info:expanded:gsap > data:phase|link=true|render=wiki}{report-column}

{report-info:expanded:gsap > data:health|link=true|render=wiki}{report-column}

{report-info:expanded:gsap > data:stakeholders|link=true|render=wiki}{report-column}

{report-column:title=Target Completion date}
{report-info:expanded:gsap > data:due date|format=dd/MMM/yyyy|link=true|render=wiki}{report-column}

{report-column:title=Consumer Rev Impact}
{report-info:expanded:gsap > data:Consumer|link=true|render=wiki}{report-column}

{report-column:title=Sales Rev Impact}
{report-info:expanded:gsap > data:Sales|link=true|render=wiki}{report-column}

{report-column:title=MBO - Status}
{report-info:expanded:gsap > data:mbo|link=true|render=wiki} *-* {report-info:expanded:gsap > data:mbostatus|link=true|render=wiki}{report-column}

_No Active Projects created_{report-empty}

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Posted 3 years ago

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Hello Conor,

I could see that you're using {table-filter} macro from StiltSoft. Can you let us know the version of Confluence and Reporting plugin you're currently using?

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Confluence: 5.7.5
Scaffolding: 8.4.1
Reporting: 6.4.1
Table Filter: 3.3.1
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Hi Folks,
I was wondering if you had any ideas on how I can implement this? no change in trying any of the injected variables in the include field.
  • .*page:title.*
  • .*%page:title%.*
  • %page:title%
  • .*%report:parent>page:title%.*

We have just upgraded to the below:
Scaffolding 8.5.0
Reporting: 6.4.1
Table Filter: 3.6.8

RB Filtering - Confluence (org.randombits.filtering.filtering-confluence version 1.2.7)
RB Filtering - Core (org.randombits.filtering.filtering-core version 1.1.0)
RB Storage - Confluence ( version 5.4.0)
RB Storage - Core ( version 5.4.0)
RB Storage - Parameters ( version 5.4.0)
RB Storage - Servlet ( version 5.4.0)
RB Supplier - Confluence (org.randombits.supplier.supplier-confluence version 1.2.0)
RB Support - Confluence ( version 5.3.0)
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I have also tried a workaround which i could live with if you can help me get it working

I added this to the page where I am generating the report:

Then I used the below in the report on that page to filter.

This doesnt work either.
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Hi Folks,
Do you have any ideas that can help me here?

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Does this mean you don't have a solution? :(